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Membership Information

New members are invited to join the Association by the Board of Directors. To be considered for membership, non-member candidates must be recommended to the Membership Committee by three or more existing members. Recommendations should substantiate how the candidate meets the qualifications for membership. Recommendations do not guarantee an invitation to membership.


The Membership Committee does not accept solicitations.


The Membership Committee reviews recommended candidates on an annual basis. Some candidates may be asked to submit supplementary materials for Committee review. The Committee will issue its recommendations to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will vote on Committee recommendations and invite approved candidates to become members of the Association. The timeline for this process is outlined below:


 September - March  The Membership Committee reviews non-member candidates. 
 April  The Board of Directors votes on Committee recommendations.
 May  Membership invitations are extended to approved candidates.
 July  Membership term commences.
 August  Show application process commences.

Important Information

An approved candidate shall become a member of the Association when the candidate signifies in writing a willingness to uphold the purposes and policies of the Association and upon payment of any initiation fees, special assessments, dues and subscriptions then owing and payable.


Click here to review the Code of Ethics.


Membership in the Association is not transferable or assignable. Membership in the Association confers no right to exhibit at any Association sponsored show.



The Association’s fiscal year ends on December 31. Approved members are required to pay a one-time initiation fee of $2,500 to the Association and pro-rated membership dues of $1,000 to be applied to the July 1 – December 31 membership term. Annual membership dues to the Association are $2,000 and are due by December 31 of the prior year.


Membership requires payment of dues annually regardless of exhibition at The Photography Show. Failure to pay annual dues will result in termination of membership.


Membership Qualifications

Any individual or legal entity engaged in the sale and promotion of fine art photography and/or photo-based art, and who meets the following qualifications, may be considered for membership in the Association if:

  1. a significant part of the prospective member’s business has been and is devoted to the sale and promotion of fine art photography and/or photo-based art which meet the Association's high artistic standards;
  2. the prospective member has a reputation in the community for honesty and integrity, both generally and in dealings with the public, museums, photographers and other dealers;
  3. the prospective member has made and is making substantial contributions to the field of fine art photography and/or photo-based art through the quality of photographic art offered for sale, the exhibitions mounted, the catalogs and other publications published and through other worthwhile endeavors;
  4. the prospective member has met the above criteria for at least five (5) years;
  5. the prospective member will significantly advance the purposes and enhance the reputation of the Association; and
  6. the prospective member will pay an initiation fee in addition to annual dues.

All questions and written recommendations should be directed to AIPAD Executive Director, Meredith Robertson at or +1-202-367-2396. 


Last updated on November 1, 2015. This information is subject to change.

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